Here you will find answers to many of the frequently asked questions we receive from our customers. Please send us an email if you have a question you feel should be on here.

Important Computer Information

General Error Messages and Questions

Important Computer Information

  1. Why causes my hard drive to fail?

    Hard drive failure can occur from just general use. Hard drives in optimal conditions last around 10,000 hours of use. Some can go much longer than that. Laptops are much more prone to failure before this time frame due to getting set down to hard and when used while on in a car or truck. See the FAQ on SOLID STATE DRIVES.

  2. What is a Solid State Drive

    Solid state hard drives are hard drives with no moving parts. They are similar in nature to a USB Thumb drive. They operate much faster and are not prone to shock from being setting down, dropped or constant bouncing when on and in use in a car or truck. The drives do cost more and are not as large. They are not the best option for certain use but for general use, any laptop should have one in. Recently we have seen a drastic rise in hard drive failure from people using and treating laptops like tablets. If you are not always gentle with your laptop or its' use is that of being in a vehicle you really should consider upgrading to a SSD (Solid state drive)

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Computer Service

  1. What is your turn around time for a complete computer virus removal and service?

    Our average turn around time for most of our in house repair services including  virus removal, and annual maint is 2-3 Business days.

  2. What is included with a Tune-up , Virus Removal or Annual maintenance?

    Please click on the tab labeled Documentation.

  3. How do I scan my system with Malwarebytes?

    Please go to our Documentation tab and download the document.

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Wireless Security

  1. How do I know if my Wireless Network is Secure?

    The first key to know is: Do you need to enter a password to connect to it? Most wireless networks you only need to enter your password once per device. If you are unsure of the state of your wireless or if you KNOW you do not need to enter a password to connect to it, please give us a call to schedule an on-site wireless security setup. If your network is open or your password is weak, then anyone else can get into your network, use your internet resources and gain access to your computer.

  2. Is my wireless network a target for hackers or even neighbors?

    If your wireless network name is the same as the manufacturer of the product, chances are you do not even have a password on it. You may also be using a password they generated. This makes it easy for people to gain access and is a prime target for hackers. The term for this is "War-Driving". Where a person with a laptop drives around looking for open networks, or easy passwords to gain access to your network.

  3. What are common Wireless names that are targets for outside attacks?

    If your wireless network name IS or CONTAINS any of the following you should call us as soon as possible for an on-site wireless lock down of your sytem.

    default , linksys , d-link, belkin , 2wire , 3com , 101 , WLAN , belkin54g , tsunami , wireless , MSHOME , USR 

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General Error Messages and Questions

  1. Email Attachments will not open

    If you receive an email attachment, especially if it is a document or spreadsheet, you may find your computer telling you it does not understand how to open that file. Chances are you are on an old version of Microsoft Office. This includes products such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access. When Microsoft went to version 2007 and above, they changed the extentions, requiring a newer version of office even to view the files. (.DOCX, .XLSX, .PPTX). The solution is to buy a version of Microsoft office that is 2007 or higher. An alternative is to download the converter program from Microsoft (FREE) at http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=3 . You can also google the key word "Microsoft Word Viewer" or "Microsoft Excel Viewer" and download the viewer only. Please call or email if you need further assistance.

  2. Why is my computer SO SLOW?!

    There are a few key factors that can cause your computer to run extremely slow. They can range from a virus infection to failing hardware. Here are a few key things that should be considered. For the most part, your computer should be brought in for a Full Tune up (See services tab).

    1. Virus infection

    2. Not enough Memory

    3. Failing hard drive

    If the slowness seemed to start all of a sudden it could be Virus or Hard drive. When a hard drive just begins to fail (usually due to lifespan) you will notice a significant decrease in speed fairly rapidly. This is one thing you should have looked at right away. Imminant failure can cost you all of your files. Total failure can happen in as little as a few hours or take months. Time is NOT on your side once a drive starts to fail.

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