Quotes My Windows XP computer had died. When I got my new computer it came with Windows Vista. I was able to buy new Vista software for all but one of my most often used programs. I needed access to this one program. What was I going to do? The program manufacturer indicated that they would not be upgrading. Searching on line, I found many people were having the same problem, and none of them were successful in finding a solution. While chatting with Dylan Weber and AJ Fox they indicated that I could have both operating systems on my computer. That is exactly what AJ did, he made it possible for me to have both operating systems and chose which operating system on startup. I can now get to the old necessary program and run it whenever I want. Great solution to a very complex problem. Quotes
Jim L

Quotes Thank you for your assistance in explaining how spammers were using my email address and checking to be sure that they weren't actually sending out to my address book. It would have been awful if people thought those emails really came from me! It's good to know your computer knowledge goes deep - beyond hardware and setting up networks - all the way to internet service providers and protecting my email reputation as well as my computer functions! Quotes
Patricia C

Quotes I just want to thank you for all your help and patience when my family bought our first computer. We are very happy with the service and professionalism you provided for us. We are not very computer saavy and you made the whole experiance very comfortable and in terms we could understand. I highly recommend your service to anyone interested in computers,from the seasoned pro to those, who like me ,are just starting out. I think we waited as long just because of the intimidation of talking to someone who knows what they are talking about. I am also impressed with the fact that you helped get us on high speed internet while living in the country. Me and my husband agree that your prices and service are exceptional and we thank you for all your help. Quotes
Doug and Terri R.

Quotes I have known AJ Fox for several years. I have always trusted AJ to work on my computer, not only is he highly skilled but does not waste time and is very patient in explaining to me what needs to be done and why it needs to be done. He has always been very responsive to my requests and I have not had to wait days for repairs to be started or completed. I appreciate getting a "follow up" call from AJ, checking back to confirm that all is well. I find his prices to be very reasonable. Everyone, including AJ, has to earn a living....he is more concerned that he gives excellent service and keeps my computer functioning than breaking my bank account. Quotes
Rose B

Quotes There I was, a full time college student right in the middle of final papers when my laptop decided it no longer wanted to work. I could not do anything with it. I could not even start it in safe mode. I contacted AJ and he was more than willing to do whatever it took to get it working again. We live quite a distance apart and so arrangements were made to get the computer to him. He spent several hours attempting to locate whatever bug was in it only to come to the realization that it was completely corrupted. He had to wipe it out and start over.I also asked him to order a new battery which I had needed, and install some really good anti-virus software. After a few day AJ called to let me know the the computer was finished and working. He then shipped the computer back to me. In that process of shipping the computer wiped itself out again. I got it back to him immediately and within a few days he fixed the problem. Quotes
Megan B

Quotes Many thanks to Fox Computers and Networking and AJ Fox for the great service! My son is totally thrilled to have his lap top back in working condition! Service was speedy and very professional, if we need computer work again we will be back. I will be more than happy to recommend you to anyone needing computer assistance. Quotes
Jodi G.