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Full Virus Removal and Proactive Protection Package - $139.95

This is what we not only do the most of, but we do the best! We remove all of the viruses from your computer, test all hardware and update all software. We remove excess toolbars and software that only slow your computer down. This is in effect the Maintenance AND virus removal package in one. Your computer will leave here with a new sense of SPEED!

Annual Maintenance - $99.95

Similar to our full system Protection package we do this annually to make sure your computer is running at it's best. We remove all those temp and junk files that build up on your computer that you don't even know about, while removing Toolbars and apps that slow your computer down. We test all hardware, clean out the dust, and then update your software and windows so everything is up to date, safe and secure.

Supplemental Virus Removal - $99.95

This is our Virus removal only package. We scan your computer with numerous different programs to remove all viruses, trojans, malware and adware that have infected your system. These viruses can steal information, do damage to files and propogate themselves to your friends, family and contacts. (First time customers need to start with the Full Virus Removal and Proactive Protection Package) Ask for Details.

Wireless Setup or Re-Secure - $79.95

This service is where we come to your home and reprogram your wireless to use the most secure settings and random complex passwords. Many home users have no password or easily guessed passwords. This allows anyone to use your internet AND even connect to your home computers. This includes up to 3 devices. A nominal travel charge will apply, depending upon your distance from our store.

General On-Site Labor - $80

For problems best addressed by on-site service, our cost is $80 per hour with a 1 hour minimum. A nominal travel charge will apply, depending upon your distance from our store. This service is for anyone that has a problem that can not be repaired in our shop. Please note we are NOT able to do virus removal or Proactive Protection Packages on-site. (The time requirements for these services can exceed 10 hours and also require additional tools.

Bench Fee (Explanation) - $20

We charge a $20 bench fee to perform thorough diagnostics on your system.  This ensures that there aren't any "hidden" hardware issues that may be impacting your performance, and to determine an accurate estimate for repair.  All systems we work on will incur this fee, even if the customer decides not to have the repairs made. We do not do any repairs under this service unless it is a quick and simple fix.

*Please note, a virus scanner program will be required on your computer when it leaves here.


"I became aware of Fox Computer & Networking several years ago at the Alto Fair and began utilizing Fox's service instead of independents I had been using out of Milwaukee. Fox has become a critical business partner and insures that my consulting company has the technology we need every minute of every day. I would highly recommend Fox to any person or company needing fast, reliable service and competitive pricing."
    - Todd Heath